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Weekend In Entertainment: Flo Rida, Duckpin Bowling & Colombian Music Festival


Concerts, a little art and a grand opening are all on the entertainment and events agenda for this upcoming July weekend. Joining WFAE's All Thing's Considered host Mark Rumsey for our regular Thursday preview is Andy Smith, arts and culture editor of Charlotte magazine.

Mark Rumsey: Hi there Andy. 

Andy Smith: How you doing Mark?

Rumsey: Great. Let's begin over at the McColl Center for Art and Innovation on the north edge of uptown Charlotte. An event this evening titled “Stimulus Origins” at McColl Center. What's going to be happening there?

Andy Smith
Credit Sarafina Wright
Andy Smith, arts and culture editor of Charlotte magazine.

Smith: It's a discussion with this group of artists like Chris Clamp and de'Angelo Dia where they talk about this idea of the significance of the object in art. Still-life being a big example of that and visual art and painting. Chris Clamp is a Charlotte gem of a painter who does incredible, realistic portraits, usually of single objects with sort of simpler backgrounds. And there's something that comes through in each of those pieces, it's a little metaphysical, and he'll talk about how he does that and the other artists will, as well. I love these artist discussions especially when they're talking about the same thing, about how it is exhibited through each of their practices. Especially when you're talking about these artists who some are doing portraits, some are doing still life, some are doing performance art even so how do you make something that's personal mean something to somebody else and I think that's a really cool way to look at it.

Rumsey: And what time this evening at the McColl Center?

Smith: That will be 6:30 p.m. tonight.

Rumsey: Conversation there and maybe a little contemplation. Tomorrow night though there’s a chance to turn up the volume. Flo Rida is one of the three acts coming toCharlotte’s PNC Music Pavilion for a midsummer night's concert. Tell us more.

Smith: Well, everybody knows Nelly, former owner of the Charlotte Bobcats but also a pop star especially with the Southern rap genre sort of really breaking through in the 2000s. His “Hot in Here” song will mean a lot to us out in the sun in Charlotte, but the cool thing about this summer's show is it'll be at night. So it'll be a little bit cooler than the usual summer fare outside. But you also have TLC, of course, luminaries of the 90s and so, you know, “No Scrubs” will certainly be one of those you have to expect hits that'll be coming up that night. So it'll be a good time. 

Rumsey: For that genre and era, kind of a blockbuster lineup.

Smith: Oh yeah, definitely. Especially for the millennials out there, I think it'll be more their childhood will be coming through than anything.

Rumsey: That's at PNC Music Pavilion Friday night. 

Smith: That's right. 

Rumsey: Saturday, Andy there's a grand opening for a new establishment in Plaza Midwood right?

Smith: Yes, it's in Plaza Midwood at Pinhouse, which is a novel concept as far as, you know, the self-serve taproom thing. It’s kind of taking off everywhere. And the people behind Hoppin are doing this place as well but they also have duckpin bowling at the bottom floor and duckpin is a smaller version, but it's still a lot of fun. I still feel like it might be a little bit safer than the ax-throwing trend that's also happening, but yeah it's just another fun thing to do. They have 70 self-serve taps, which is crazy using this I Pour technology, beer heads would know actually the ins and outs of that. People talk a lot about the brewery scene here and is there a bubble, will there be a bubble? I don't think I believe that. But I do think that, you know, to stand out having stuff like duckpin bowling is a really good idea. 

Rumsey: Well, if folks are looking for some international flavor this weekend where might they find that?

Smith: Well, the Charlotte Colombian Festivalat Symphony Park. It's going to be an awesome festival. Grupo Niche, which is one of the biggest Colombian salsa bands ever is going to be there. So if you're a fan of Colombian dance, food, music this is really the place to be. Symphony Park is really just one of those cool backdrops with the water there. You know, if you've ever been to Charlotte Symphony when they do their concerts there it's always a great time, sounds amazing. It's just a good location, a good time and I think that starts at noon. So it'll be an all-day affair. 

Rumsey: Colombian Festival at Symphony Park. Andy, it sounds like another busy summer weekend.

Smith: It is. Yeah. Just keeps getting busier it seems every year. Thanks a lot. 

Rumsey: Thank you. Andy Smith, is the arts and culture editor of Charlotte magazine.

Mark Rumsey grew up in Kansas and got his first radio job at age 17 in the town of Abilene, where he announced easy-listening music played from vinyl record albums.