Marines On A Pronunciation Mission: Camp Lejeune Is Camp Luh-JERN

Apr 28, 2015

The Lejeune family took out a billboard near Camp Lejeune to gently ask Marines to pronounce the name "luh-JERN"
Credit Nat Fahy

Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina is one of the country’s largest Marine bases. But the man it’s named for, Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, pronounced his name "luh-JERN," differently from how most people say it now ---"luh-JUNE".

So there’s been a push to revive the “correct” pronunciation of the name. Camp Lejeune Public Affairs Director Nat Fahy says Gen. Lejeune revived the Marine Corps’ war-fighting doctrine by developing its amphibious mission, which proved instrumental in World War II.

The Marine base named in his honor opened in 1941, and Fahy says the pronunciation was correct for while. From his research, the "luh-JUNE" pronunciation caught on in the Vietnam era.

A lighthearted reminder of the correct pronunciation of Lejeune, created by a dedicated Marine veteran.
Credit Nat Fahy

But now, thanks in part to the education efforts of the Lejeune family and a dedicated group of veterans, Fahy says he’s seeing a change. He spoke to WFAE host Duncan McFadyen.