Launching September 3, 2018... Amplifier, the new (podcast) home for #CLTmusic discovery, hosted by Joni Deutsch.

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Want to be featured on the podcast? Our phonelines are open! So tell us: What questions do you have about the Charlotte music scene? What is your favorite Charlotte music memory? Leave us a voicemail at (980) 552-0093. And make sure to tell us who you are and where you're from. Your response might be used on the podcast.

Charlotte is known for banking and football. But what can be said of the Charlotte music scene?

Launching September 3, Amplifier, the new music podcast from WFAE, where we shine a light on the artists who call Charlotte home.

What is the Charlotte music scene?

WFAE is working on a new series about the music producers, songwriters and artists who call Charlotte their musical home. We want to celebrate the minds and music that help shape the Queen City. More than that, we want to amplify Charlotte’s sound to our community, our state and beyond.

To do this, we need your help!