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Listen, Lead, Inspire: Powerful CLT Voices from 2017

The Charlotte Observer / Jeff Siner

Public radio is nothing without you: the public. As we wind down from 2017, let's listen back to the powerful voices from our community that remained with us long after the broadcast ended.

Women's Marchers - Women's March On Charlotte Draws Tens Of Thousands To Uptown, Exceeding Expectations

“The montage of voices here saying why they are marching (and especially the giggling young girl at the end of the montage) sums up 2017 for me.” – Jenn Lang

Braxton Winston - Scott Shooting Ignited Braxton Winston's Activisim, Campaign

"Braxton Winston began the year as an activist who had participated in protests after the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott. On Election Day in November, he added the title of city councilor at large. Before the vote, he talked with me about why he decided to run for office." – David Boraks

Credit Sarah Delia / WFAE

Azucena Zamorano - Partner Of Rueben Galindo Reflects On Police Shooting, Family’s Pain

“Rueben Galindo’s partner reflects on his death and what life is like now. This interview took place in her home where the shooting happened and where she still lives with her family.” – Sarah Delia


Zianna Oliphant - Zianna Oliphant And Speech On Race And Police Shootings That Moved the Nation

“When Zianna was nine years old, she gave a powerful speech before city council, following the riots that occurred after the police officer was found not guilty for shooting Keith Lamont Scott. Her tearful plea for justice for people of color reverberated around the world. In this story, I talked to her a year after that speech to see how the publicity had changed her and if she felt the city had changed for the better in the past year.” – Gwendolyn Glenn

Credit Sarah Delia / WFAE

Mayada Idlibi - Mayada Idlibi: My Hope Is With The American People

“Immigration was in the spotlight in 2017 – both nationally and in the Charlotte. region. WFAE’s reporting added significantly to the coverage of this ongoing issue, bringing local voices and stories into the conversation. In late February, Sarah Delia spoke with Mayada Idlibi, who emigrated from Syria in the 1980s. Today she works with refugees who’ve been placed in Charlotte. Idlibi recalled her own journey to America, and discussed her current work with refugees settling into the community.” – Mark Rumsey 

Credit Courtesy Bonita Graham

One Year After His Death, Justin Carr's Aunt Sees Little Change in Charlotte

"In all of the chaos surrounding the shooting of Keith Scott, there was another man killed: 26-year-old Justin Carr. It was important to hear why he went down there to protest and how his family is remembering him, and Sarah Delia helped make that story heard." – Alex Olgin

Credit Lisa Worf / WFAE

Charlotte School of Law Students - Charlotte School Of Law Graduation Focuses On Students' Grit

“Charlotte School of Law students learned how to advocate for themselves, even if they didn’t end up with a degree. They found themselves with no good options after the U.S. Department of Education yanked the school’s federal loan money for low bar passage rates and admitting too many unqualified students. I talked to several students and former students during those months who were too embarrassed to come forward. They wanted only to distance themselves from the school. Still, some made it through and they succeeded, in spite of Charlotte School of Law. You can hear the pride and the fight in their voices here and get a glimpse of the resourcefulness that helped pull them through.” – Lisa Worf

Credit Marshall Terry / WFAE

J.R. Adduci - Hollywood, Here Comes 'Bobby'

“Bobby from the Morris Jenkins commercials was a well-known character in local TV, one who inspired affection and ridicule (and parody).   I really liked this interview because we got to meet the actor J.R. Adduci, who not surprisingly, is nothing like the character he played.  Nor did he ever think Bobby would have such an impact on viewers.” – Marshall Terry

Credit Tom Bullock / WFAE

Charlotte Bullock - Seeing The Eclipse Through Just The Right Pair Of Eyes

“We can say we gain wisdom, knowledge and experience as we age. And all that is true. But it comes at a cost. We can lose sight of the magic in a particular moment. Unless we are lucky enough to have someone to guide us back to the land of wow.” – Tom Bullock

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