Allstate Expands Operations In Charlotte

Aug 9, 2017

Allstate Insurance Company is bringing 2,250 jobs to Charlotte. The governor announced the expansion Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce. The insurer said it will hire claims specialists, actuaries, underwriters, IT professionals and support personnel over the next three years as part of an expansion of the operations center in Charlotte.

Governor Roy Cooper announces Allstate expansion in Charlotte.
Credit Alex Olgin / WFAE

Harriet Harty with Allstate, said the company chose to expand here partly because it values a well-educated local workforce.

“Our expansion broadens our access to talent,” she said. “With talent it really deepens our skill sets and our ability to meet our customers’ needs not only currently, but in the future.”

Allstate currently employs about 1,400 people at an operations center in Charlotte. Governor Roy Cooper was on hand in Charlotte for the announcement. He said the city has people well equipped to fill these positions.   

“They wanted assurances that this workforce was going to continue to be viable and continue to be expanded,” he said.  

The company says it hasn’t decided where the expansion will be. The state offered Allstate a tax incentive of nearly $18 million over 12 years.