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Walk into any classroom for gifted students in North Carolina and you’ll probably see mostly white and Asian faces. Those students are seven or eight times as likely to be labeled academically gifted as black students, and five or six times as likely as Hispanic ones.

Charlotte Observer

In February, after a board meeting disrupted by protesters, the UNC Board of Governors voted unanimously to close three of the system’s university-based policy centers. Eastern Carolina's Center for Biodiversity, and NC Central’s Institute for Civic Engagement and Social Change were shut down. But most of the attention focused on the closure of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

UNC Board Approves Tuition Hikes, Closes 3 Policy Centers

Feb 27, 2015
From a Vine by Andrew Dunn / Charlotte Observer

The 32-member UNC Board of Governors unanimously voted this afternoon to close three university-based policy centers. The action included closure of UNC- Chapel Hill’s Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

“I disagree with this action. I hoped we could find a different way of going forward,” said UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt. “What the faculty and students I believe are saying is they’re very fearful this decision is having a chilling effect on their work and their perspectives on the area of poverty.”

From a Vine by Andrew Dunn / Charlotte Observer

The UNC Board of Governors had to temporarily suspend its meeting this morning as protestors interrupted discussions on whether to close an anti-poverty center at UNC Chapel Hill and two other policy centers at North Carolina Central and East Carolina University.