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McCrory Loses Gubernatorial Bid

Nov 5, 2008

Senator Dole's Concession Speech

Nov 4, 2008

Senator Elizabeth Dole addresses her supporters as she concedes the North Carolina US Senate race to Democrat Kay Hagan.

WFAE News' latest reports from Mecklenburg County and across North Carolina and analysis of election returns.

JCSU Students Root for Obama

Nov 4, 2008

Election Going Smoothly in North Carolina

Nov 4, 2008

Election watchdogs say North Carolina voters are experiencing very few problems at the polls today. Bob Phillips of Common Cause North Carolina says lines are common everywhere, and wet weather damaged some ballots in the Raleigh area. But he says the 40-percent of voters who cast an early ballot seem to have made things easier today. "That's not to say that we will completely go through this period without any problems," says Phillips.

NC Voters Excited, Relieved

Nov 4, 2008

Battleground Status Brings NC Voters Out

Nov 4, 2008

North Carolina is one of a handful of so-called battleground states the nation is watching closely today. Not since before 1976, has the state has chosen a Democrat for President. But polls show Barack Obama with strong support from North Carolina. "I think it's kind of exciting that North Carolina, our vote really counts," says voter Marge Godfrey. Sometimes you feel like it doesn't, but it does. So vote!" Godfrey waited about 30 minutes to vote at her Charlotte polling place this morning.

Ready for the Big Day

Nov 3, 2008

Democrats Republicans Harold Cogdell, Jr. Listen Dan Murrey Listen Jennifer Roberts Listen Hal Jordan Listen Dan Ramirez Listen Susan Walker Listen Mecklenburg County residents may vote for three candidates.

Low blow? Dole ad paints Hagan as atheist

Oct 29, 2008

Sen. Elizabeth Dole's latest ad implies that Kay Hagan is an atheist. The Dole campaign also leaves the impression that the Godless Americans Political Action Committee hosted a fund-raiser for Hagan. This isn't true.