Rivera Expresses No Regrets About Having Players Shout Richardson's Name

Dec 26, 2017

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera on Sunday gave the type of lockerroom talk to his team you’d expect after a big win.

Credit Screen shot from Carolina Panthers website

Rivera praised the playoff-bound Panthers for playing hard throughout game.

He noted they are in the playoffs, but by no means satisfied with that accomplishment.

He gathered players around him. And then, he had players shout the name of embattled owner Jerry Richardson.

“Just remember guys, this is about team. Everything we do is about team. The most important thing is about team, OK?,” Rivera said. "All right do me a favor, Mr. Richardson on three – 1-2-3."

Players responded by shouting, "Mr. Richardson!"

Richardson is selling the team at the end of the season. He made that announcement Dec. 17th after Sports Illustrated revealed details of misconduct allegations against him, and that the team reached settlements with at least four women. S-I also reports that he addressed an African American scout with a racial slur.

“What I’ve always said is, I know nothing about that, and I can only speak to what he has been to me and to the players, and that’s why I did it," Richardson said Tuesday during his weekly press conference.

Rivera was also asked if he would let Richardson address the team.

His response: Richardson’s still the owner.