Alvin Jacobs Puts A Spotlight On Brookhill Village

Sep 21, 2018

A new exhibit opened up this month at the Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte that examines a small neighborhood south of uptown and the people that live there. Brookhill Village is not wealthy like Myers Park. It’s not booming like South End. Many of its residents are poor and African-American, and are making a home in the hundred-or-so deteriorating dwellings that make up the neighborhood. Many of those homes are in the process of being demolished by developers.

The exhibit is the creation of Alvin C. Jacobs, who spent four months photographing the community. He began his career as a wedding photographer, but since photographing the protests from the police shooting of Keith Scott two years ago, Jacobs has been using his camera for what he calls “activism photography.”

WFAE's Nick de la Canal spoke with Jacobs at the Gantt Center in uptown, and asked him what his impressions were when he began exploring the neighborhood four months ago. Listen to the full interview above.