Charlotte Talks: Ensuring The Safety Of Our Schools

Mar 12, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Credit CMS

On the next Charlotte Talks, what’s being done in Charlotte to prepare for a mass shooting particularly in our schools.  There have been 34 this year and we talk to folks on the front lines of safety. 

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 34 mass shooting incidents have occurred in 2018 . The tragic events of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have brought attention to what our own community here in Charlotte is doing to prevent and prepare for such a situation.  

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will do more to prepare, says Superintendent Clayton Wilcox. Active shooter drills, including pre-taped video, will begin to be shown to all school employees and students. This is in addition to $19 million that CMS has already spent on a plan to fortify schools after the shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012.

CMPD is also working in tangent with CMS schools to help review current procedures, protocol and active shooter training plans. Currently most North Carolina schools use a program for active shooter training called "Run, Hide, Fight,” CMPD is advocating for a different approach,  one that focuses more on keeping an enemy out.

Mike Collins and guests discuss the efforts made to ensure safety in our local schools.


Melissa Reeves, associate professor Winthrop University, past President for the National Association of School Psychologists

Randy Hagler, Chief of Police, CMS

Steve Huber, Lt. Officer, CMPD