Charlotte Talks: Mike, The Mayor And The Fire Chief Talk Hurricane Florence

Sep 13, 2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mayor Vi Lyles is back for "Mike and the Mayor." Join Mike Collins and Mayor Lyles, along with Charlotte Fire Chief Reginald Johnson, as they discuss emergency planning in advance of Hurricane Florence, as well as other important issues facing the Queen City. 

Florence may turn out to be catastrophic for the coast, but we're also likely to feel her effects in the Charlotte area.

"This is going to be a primary rain event," Charlotte Fire Chief Reginald Johnson told Charlotte Talks Thursday. "Areas that typically flood will flood," he said, and because of grounds saturated by rain earlier in the week, "we will see trees down, we will lose power in certain parts of the city."

After a run on bottled water at area stores, Mayor Vi Lyles on Charlotte Talks said that the city's water infrastructure would withstand Florence, and said batteries and flashlights were more vital for storm supplies.

The mayor and fire chief share more on the city's hurricane preparations this hour, and the mayor provides on update on affordable housing.