Charlotte Talks: Summer Picks For Books And Movies

Jul 11, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019

What are the best books for summer reading?  We find out.  And what about summer movies? Mike sits down with local movie experts, and with Sally Brewster of Park Road Books to get their picks.

Every summer we invite Park Road Books’ Sally Brewster to share her thoughts on summer reading.  And she’ll be here to advise us on which books are worthwhile from both national and local authors. (Sally's full list)

Then, we hear about summer movies.  This is one of the key times of year for summer films, but they’re usually aimed at young men.  What about this year?  Are there movies that might be worth your time?  We hear from two movie critics and get their suggestions this hour.


Adam Frazier, Member of Southeastern Film Critics Association



Matt Brunson, Movie Reviewer, Film Frenzy



Sally Brewster - Owner of Park Road Books