Cold Weather Means Energy Records For Duke - And Higher Bills

Jan 26, 2018

Thanks to unusually low temperatures, January is turning out to be a record month for electricity use in North Carolina.  It also could mean higher bills for customers, according to Duke Energy. 

Duke Energy says all kinds of records have fallen.  Five of the the all-time heaviest days for electricity use at the company have come this month, including a record single-day peak usage on January 5. The first week of the month was also the highest ever for electricity usage for Duke customers.

Given all those records, Spokesman Randy Wheeless says watch out for your next bill.

"We're looking at 20-25 percent higher bills than what they would normally be during a normal winter month. There may be a little shock when you open that bill, but there's no doubt that it was cold this month," Wheeless said. 

Wheeless says despite a warming trend this week, the month is still on track to be a record for electricity production.