FAQ City: Where In Charlotte Can You Find Pastries From The Great British Baking Show?

Apr 10, 2019

So you've finally binged all of "The Great British Baking Show" on Netflix and now you're left wondering how to get some of those scrumptious-looking baked goods. But what bakery in Charlotte carries hazelnut dacquoise or kouign-amann?

That's what Mooresville resident Cailen Sniker was wondering when he wrote in to FAQ City.

"I can bake some, and my fiancée can bake some," he says, "but some of these things are very complicated and we'd never have a chance of making them."

What's a British Bake Off fan to do? The answer: pay a visit to Renaissance Patisserie (pronounced pah-TISS-er-ree) on Morrison Boulevard, directly across from SouthPark mall.

The small, authentic French bakery is owned by Sylvain Rivet (who hails from France) and his wife Jo-Anne. The bakery offers an abundance of specialty French pastries seen on the show — including mille-feuille, religieuses, and their specialty, kougin-amann.

On this episode of the FAQ City podcast, we'll visit the bakery with Cailen and sample some of the baked goods, and we'll learn about the Rivets and the story behind their bakery.

From left to right: kouign amann, hazelnut dacquoise, mille-fueille
Credit Nick de la Canal / WFAE

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