Killing Of 3 Muslim Students In NC May Have Been Captured On Video

Jun 10, 2019

DURHAM— A court filing by North Carolina prosecutors suggests the deaths of three Muslim university students in 2015 were captured on cellphone video.

Deah Barakat, has wife Yusor Abu-Salah and her sister Razan.
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WRAL-TV reported Monday that prosecutors want a judge to allow an analysis by a Tufts University psychologist who specializes in unconscious discrimination and stereotyping.

Professor Samuel Sommers says the "cell phone video of the shootings" that he reviewed not only show no evidence that the students insulted defendant Craig Hicks, "there was insufficient time for much interaction before Hicks began shooting."

Sommers' affidavit doesn't specify whether Hicks videotaped the crime.

Hicks is expected to enter a plea to the murder charges on Wednesday. Durham County's new district attorney said in April she was scrapping plans to seek the death penalty in order to speed up a trial.