New Report Says North Carolina Out Front In Bills Targeting State Courts

May 11, 2017

Credit Brennan Center For Justice

America's judicial system has been the target of a number of political attacks this year.

And not just from President Donald Trump questioning the legitimacy of some, quote "so-called" judges or saying he wants to break up the Federal appeals court which struck down his travel ban.

A new report by the left leaning Brennan Center for Justice finds Republican controlled legislatures across the country are targeting state courts and remaking them for potential political gain. They have tracked at least 41 such bills in 15 states and that's just since January 1 of this year.

Alicia Bannon co-authored this report.

In an interview with WFAE's Tom Bullock, Bannon notes North Carolina is one state leading the trend. Here we've seen bills to make judicial elections partisan, shrink the size of some courts and to limit the governor's power to appoint judicial replacements, and more.