UNCC Student Arrested For Falsely Reporting Mass Violence

Mar 20, 2018

Main quad on UNC Charlotte's Campus.
Credit twbuckner/ Flickr

Police arrested a student for falsely reporting mass violence on the UNC Charlotte campus Tuesday. Twenty-year-old Matthew Saavedra was taken into custody by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department, according to inmate records.

The warrant for Saavedra's arrest was obtained by the UNC Charlotte police department and was “related to his expression of ideations of gun violence on the University’s campus,” according to a campus-wide notice posted by the university.

Saavedra was removed from school grounds on March 12 after expressing a desire to commit gun violence on campus. WCNC reported last week that he had told a doctor he wanted to “shoot up the school.” The doctor then alerted authorities, according to the report.

Saavedra remains banned from the UNCC's campus.