In the race for Matthews mayor, incumbent Paul Bailey and town Commissioner John Higdon will move on to next month’s general election. They were the top two vote-getters in Tuesday's primary.


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RALEIGH — North Carolina's elections board indicated Tuesday that it could certify suppliers of new voting machines this week while scrapping a tentative plan to require "human-readable" paper ballot records.

The White House

The Department of Homeland Security said it will analyze the laptops used by Durham County elections officials during the November 2016 election to investigate possible Russian hacking.

Garland Tucker
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In February, Senator Thom Tillis wrote an op-ed saying that he would vote against President Trump’s planned emergency declaration for money to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. 


The state has now missed two deadlines to begin the process of printing absentee ballots for November’s election, as courts consider how to deal with congressional boundaries and constitutional amendments.