Jordan Sheldon


The Mooresville Police Department and State Bureau of Investigation have completed their investigation into the fatal shooting of a Mooresville police officer during a traffic stop earlier this month.  The report released Sunday said investigators could not determine a specific motive in the shooting of K9 officer Jordan Sheldon, 32.  

Thousands gathered for a vigil Wednesday night outside the town hall in downtown Mooresville to honor fallen police officer Jordan Sheldon.

The 32-year-old K-9 officer was shot last Saturday night during a traffic stop. Sheldon's father told the crowd his son loved serving the community.

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A procession will carry the body of fallen Mooresville police officer Jordan Sheldon, 32, along I-85 Tuesday afternoon.  

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Updated: 12:15 p.m.

Mooresville Police and the community are mourning the death of 32-year old K-9 officer Jordan Harris Sheldon. Police say Sheldon was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop on West Plaza Drive around 10 p.m. Saturday night.