SC Youth Have Their Say

Jan 24, 2008

WFAE has this final report in our special series on the South Carolina Presidential Primaries. We've heard from retirees, religious conservatives, immigrants and African Americans. Now the youth have their say. In South Carolina, more than 70,000 youth under 30 registered to vote in 2007. If even half of them show up on Election Day, WFAE's Julie Rose reports 2008 could be the Year of the Kid.

The Immigration Issue Among SC Voters

Jan 17, 2008

As part of our series of reports on the upcoming South Carolina primaries we look at immigration. WFAE's Julie Aguirre reports on why it's so important to Republican voters.

The Religious Right in SC

Jan 16, 2008

South Carolina has consistently picked the Republican president over the last 24 years. In a state that some call "deeply religious," the evangelical voting block has a significant impact. But in this year's primary, evangelicals are faced with changing views among their ranks and no clear, single candidate to get behind. WFAE's Simone Orendain reports.

Retirees on the SC Primary

Jan 15, 2008

People above the age of 65 make up a significant voting block in South Carolina. Although many of them aren't originally from the state. They're retirees from northern and western states moving to the South for better weather or to be closer to family. WFAE's Lisa Miller spoke with some Republican retirees who a few days from now will be casting their first Presidential Primary votes as South Carolinians.