Charlotte Talks: Why Did Sales Tax Hike Fail? What's Next For City Hall And CMS?

Nov 6, 2019

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019

Voters rejected a sales tax increase to help the Arts & Science Council overcome its fundraising struggles. A post-election recap of the sales tax defeat, and who voters picked for city hall and the school board.

Credit Chris Miller / WFAE

Tuesday's election was headlined by the proposed quarter-cent tax increase, which was pitched as a lifeline for the arts and cultural community.

Fifty-seven percent of voters turned down the increase, the second time in five years a sales tax hike has been defeated.

The tax increase had high-profile backers, including Mayor Vi Lyles, who was reelected to a second term Tuesday.

Voters also sifted through a crowded field of candidates to pick three at-large seats for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board. 


Steve Harrison, WFAE political reporter (@Sharrison_WFAE)

Ann Doss Helms, WFAE education reporter (@anndosshelms)