Confused About NC Voting Policies? Here Are The Basics

Mar 2, 2016

Early voting begins Thursday. In light of several lawsuits over North Carolina’s election policies, here's a breakdown of what’s currently in effect.

First of all, you will need a photo ID to vote. There has not been a decision in the federal lawsuit on that yet. There are a variety of acceptable excuses not to have an ID though, including a lack of transportation, disability, work schedule and family responsibilities.


During early voting, you can also register and vote on the same day. The state’s Republican lawmakers passed a law to get rid of that option a few years ago, but the U.S. Justice Department and others were successful in getting that change put on hold while their case plays out.

And if you see a race for U.S. House on your ballot, state election officials say vote for it even though it won’t count. Federal judges struck down the congressional districts, but the state didn’t have time to revise ballots. So in an effort to avoid confusion about which race people aren’t supposed to vote for, election officials are telling people to simply fill out the whole ballot.  

Early voting runs Thursday through March 12. Here's a list of Mecklenburg County locations and times.