Borum Trial: Man Testifies Borum Threatened To Kill Him If He Went To Police

Feb 27, 2019

Testimony continued Wednesday in the trial of first-degree murder trial of Rayquan Borum with a witness saying he was feet away when Borum shot a gun the night Just Carr died. Carr was shot during the second night of protests that erupted in Charlotte after the police shooting death of Keith Scott in September 2016.

Kendell Bowden, who is currently serving a federal sentence for aggravated identity theft and bank fraud conspiracy, said he feared for his life and fled the area. He testified he eventually ran into Borum later that night and that Borum said he would “smoke his clothes” if Bowden told anyone what happened. Bowden said he took that to mean that Borum would kill him if he went to the police.

Kendell Bowden testifies that he was with Borum the night Justin Carr was fatally shot.
Credit John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer

Bowden testified Tuesday that Borum had been chanting threatening remarks about the police like “grip a glock, shoot back” and “F the police.” Prosecutors have submitted numerous videos as evidence from media outlets, businesses in the area of the incident, and city footage that they say corroborates Bowden’s testimony.

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Jurors Tuesday also heard from a CMPD crime scene investigator who said the 9 mm cartridge found outside the Omni Hotel in uptown Charlotte, where Carr was shot, matched that of a gun prosecutors say Borum was carrying that night.