Charlotte Talks: How To Find Happiness And Fulfillment In And Outside Of Work

Jan 2, 2020

Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020

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We wrap up our work-life balance series on what we hope will be a positive note: how to find happiness and fulfillment in and outside the office. Much of our identity is tied up in what we do — there’s no escaping it. And work does give us a sense of purpose, but does it make us happy?

This show originally aired Sept. 30, 2019. This is the fourth in a special four-part series about work-life balance. Details.

This is it! Day four of our weeklong examination of why, in America, it is so difficult to establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s a struggle and one populated by roadblocks erected by tradition, politics, culture and capitalism.

All of us will likely be involved in this struggle for a while so we end our series with a question: Can we find happiness and fulfillment at work – on the job? Can being happy at work counter-balance our imbalanced lives?

We explore that idea and a shocking one belonging to one of our guests who says retirement is a "terrible idea."

Neil Pasricha


Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of six books including "The Happiness Equation," "The Book of Awesome," and "How To Get Back Up. "He is the director of The Institute for Global Happiness.