Charlotte Talks: Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden Talks Immigration, ICE And Charlotte Homicides

Oct 14, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Mike Collins sits down with Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden who finds himself in the middle of a national debate on immigration.

Credit Erin Keever / WFAE

Garry McFadden ran for sheriff of Mecklenburg County on the promise he would end the department’s cooperation with ICE and their 287(g) program. After he was sworn in, that was one of the first things he did and, almost immediately he came under fire for that decision, quickly finding himself in the middle of a national debate on immigration in which he claims he’s being used as a "political pawn."

We talk about that and about other changes he’s making at the jail which he believes are more just and leave us safer as a community.

And, as a veteran of CMPD's homicide unit, we get his perspective on our city’s homicide and gun problem.


Sheriff Garry McFadden, Mecklenburg County Sheriff