Charlotte Talks 'Mike And The Mayor:' Strategies To Reduce Violence; MLS; Excelsior Club Sale

Jan 9, 2020

Jan. 9, 2020

Mayor Vi Lyles makes her first visit to the program in 2020 to talk about one of the key items on her agenda this year: tackling violence in Charlotte.  The city topped out at 108 murders last year – the highest in decades and Mayor Lyles has made reducing that number a priority.  She’ll also talk to Mike Collins about Major league Soccer and a rescue plan for the historic Excelsior Club.

It’s our first visit this decade with Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

Vi Lyles
Credit Wendy Herkey / WFAE

She meets us monthly for our "Mike and the Mayor" series to talk about the most important topics for the city, and this time, we focus on reducing violence in Charlotte. The city topped out at 108 murders in 2019, the highest in decades. City leaders are working on data-informed strategies for tackling the violence problem in the Queen City.

It’s also the first time we’ve spoken to the mayor since the announcement in December that Charlotte will be the home to the next Major League Soccer expansion team, owned by Panthers owner David Tepper. We’ll talk about details and plans for the new team.

After funds by both the city and the county were approved to assist the purchase of Charlotte’s historic Excelsior Club, the building has been sold and development plans are in the works. We’ll hear more.

Host Mike Collins has a conversation with Vi Lyles on those and other topics on the next Charlotte Talks.


Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte