Wendy Herkey

Executive Producer, Charlotte Talks

Charlotte Talks Executive Producer Wendy Herkey has with WFAE since 1998, beginning in the membership department, and has been on the Charlotte Talks staff since 1999.

An Ohio native, Wendy is a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH.

Wendy also had stints at The Charlotte Observer and at WCNC-TV in Charlotte, and produced a weekly public affairs TV show called Charlotte Now on WJZY (hosted by Mike Collins).

Wendy and her husband Todd enjoy watching their teenage sons play baseball.

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Friday, March 27 2020

The impact of the coronavirus on the Charlotte region grows as more businesses close and we’re told to stay home.  We also experience the first coronavirus death in the state.  And other news is also being made, as Cam Newton is released from the Carolina Panthers after nine years. Mike Collins and the roundup reporters cover those stories and more.  

Friday, March 20, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus becomes clear in Mecklenburg County and around the state as commerce shuts down and the number of local cases begins to rise. It’s a new world, and our roundtable of reporters has the latest on that and other stories.

Friday, March 13, 2020

The coronavirus has arrived in Mecklenburg County. Gov. Cooper declares a state of emergency in order to unlock federal funds to fight the coronavirus. We look at local efforts to help us avoid the contagion and plans being made for a potential outbreak. Cardinal Innovations meets with county commissioners to dispute accusations the company did not provide adequate services for county residents.  And is the Hawthorne Lane Bridge soon to open? 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A local update on what public health officials are doing to keep abreast of the coronavirus.  So far, we haven’t been affected here in Mecklenburg County, but the governor declared a state of emergency on Tuesday. What should you do?  What is being done to keep the area healthy?  

Friday, March 6, 2020

State officials are advising residents to stay calm in the face of the first patient in North Carolina with coronavirus. Politics has been on the front burner all week as Super Tuesday pushed Joe Biden to the top of the Democratic presidential list but voters also said "yes" to Senate candidate Cal Cunningham and gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest.  

WFAE/Erin Keever

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020

With Super Tuesday looming, major media is here to cover it. Among those journalists is NPR’s Steve Inskeep. He's been in Charlotte this week to learn more about voters in North Carolina. We hear from him about what he’s learning here.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020

One man has been asking this question of our war on terror:  Are we winning?  Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata was in charge of Strategic Operation Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center. He shares his thoughts.

Friday, Feb. 21, 2020

Photo ID for voters is in limbo in North Carolina.  Longer rush hour waits are coming for light rail riders in the Queen City,  and the state's charter schools are planning to increase diversity.  That and Ryan Newman is out of the hospital after a horrific wreck in the Daytona 500.

Friday, Feb. 14, 2020

The death knell has sounded on the Crisis Alert System at CMS.  CMS officials say it doesn’t work but the company disagrees.  The Town of Matthews is back in the good graces of CMS.  CMPD Chief Kerr Putney says he’s set with all he needs for crowd control at the Republican Convention, and hot off his New Hampshire primary win, Bernie Sanders comes to Charlotte. 

Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020

It's the February edition of "Mike and the Mayor," we catch up on City Council’s focus on transit and transportation, the continued concentration on strategies to reduce violence and the city filing to rezone the old Eastland Mall site for Major League Soccer.  And we hear the mayor's take on opportunity zones.

Friday, Feb. 7, 2020

President Trump is set to visit the Queen City this week. CMS discusses having a compliance officer to oversee the superintendent, in the same week that a report is released alleging CMS changed bond funded projects without telling the public.  CMPD puts more resources into de-escalation training for officers.  

FLICKER/VALERIE https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020

Students from North Carolina A&T began their historic sit-ins at a Woolworth's counter in downtown Greensboro 60 years ago this week.  It was a huge moment in the civil rights movement and one documentary producer Steve Crump is commemorating by focusing on a key participant.  

Friday, Jan 31, 2020

CMS teachers get a raise. Efforts to rezone the old Eastland Mall begin, a first step in turning it into a headquarters for Major League Soccer.  Gaston County becomes a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, joining about 19 other North Carolina counties with their proclamation.  And Mecklenburg County Commissioners are sorting out their 2020 priorities as they begin their annual retreat.

WFAE/Jennifer Worsham

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

Tim Robbins talks about "The New Colossus," a new play he helped develop and that opens Tuesday night in Charlotte.

Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

With the North Carolina primary just weeks away, Democratic Candidates for Senate come to Charlotte for a debate. The CMS Equity Committee holds its first meeting to tackle equity issues in the system.  It’s revealed that campaign contributions were made last year to the mayor and city council members prior to MLS talks.  

Friday, Jan. 17, 2020

The Panthers’ Luke Kuechly announces his retirement and adds to questions about what’s coming next for the team.  Our state’s teachers did not get a raise this week because there was no vote in the legislature to override the governor’s budget veto.  And Charlotte City Council holds their annual retreat in Durham.  

Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

City Council and CMPD begin the year with a new focus on strategies to reduce violence in the Queen City.  HUD Secretary Ben Carson was in Charlotte for an announcement changing the rules for affordable housing.  And the Panthers have a new head coach.

Mike Collins and Vi Lyles
Wendy Herkey / WFAE

Jan. 9, 2020

Mayor Vi Lyles makes her first visit to the program in 2020 to talk about one of the key items on her agenda this year: tackling violence in Charlotte.  The city topped out at 108 murders last year – the highest in decades and Mayor Lyles has made reducing that number a priority.  She’ll also talk to Mike Collins about Major league Soccer and a rescue plan for the historic Excelsior Club.

Friday, December 27, 2019

A look back on the most important news stories in 2019.  Charlotte’s homicide rate spiked this year and the Queen City was added to the growing list of cities where mass shootings have occurred as UNC-Charlotte experiences tragedy.  The 9th Congressional District battle raged for most of the year and David Tepper scores a win:  for Major League Soccer.  Our roundtable of reporters takes us through the year.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

On our special Christmas Show, Jazz is making a comeback in Charlotte and it seems like the whole city is working together to make it happen. We meet two of the performers and two entrepreneurs making the Queen City groove. Then join us for "A Cup of Christmas Tea."