Charlotte Talks: Parenting 'Outside The Lines' During The Pandemic - And Anytime

Aug 6, 2020

Thursday, August 6, 2020

It's tough to manage all the demands of parenthood during quarantine – and any other time. Our guest says throw out the rule book and trust your instincts. The author of "Parenting Outside the Lines" joins guest host Erik Spanberg.

Meghan Leahy, author of Parenting Outside the Lines

Even in the best of times, parenthood is demanding. Now, the pandemic is sending some moms and dads to their breaking point. In some cases juggling full-time jobs at home while keeping the kids safe and engaged and themselves sane — sometimes with mixed results. What’s a parent to do?

Parenting coach and Washington Post columnist Meghan Leahy offers some practical advice, and it starts with cutting yourself some slack. She believes a parenting culture that strives for perfection is unrealistic, and encourages parents to throw out the rule book and trust their gut.

She explores that and more in her new book "Parenting Outside the Lines" and fills us in.


Meghan Leahy, On Parenting columnist for The Washington Post, certified parenting coach, and mother to three school-age daughters. Her new book "Parenting Outside the Lines: Forget the Rules, Tap into Your Wisdom, and Connect with Your Child" was just released. (@mlparentcoach)