City Council Committee To Consider MLS Stadium Plan In July

Jun 27, 2017

Backers of a bid to bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte haven't gotten much support at the Charlotte City Council. But next month, the group's request for $45 million to help finance a new stadium will get a hearing before a council subcommittee.

The city and county must decide whether to join in helping to finance a new soccer stadium for Major League Soccer.
Credit MANICA Architecture/Major League Soccer

Council members voted Monday night to refer the request to their Economic Development Committee, which meets on July 20.

A group led by Marcus Smith of NASCAR track owner Speedway Motorsports has submitted a bid for one of two MLS expansion teams to be awarded later this year. The MLS group also wants $45 million from the county commission to help build a new $175 million stadium on the site of the current Memorial Stadium, near uptown.

County commissioners agreed in January to work on a deal with the MLS group. But two weeks ago, they delayed a final decision on whether to support the stadium plan until Aug. 2, to give the City Council more time.

In a statement Monday night, the MLS4CLT group urged the county and city to work together to come up with a stadium financing plan:   

"We hope the city and county can continue to work toward realizing the dream of a stadium in Charlotte on a timeline that works for all parties. Our commitment to bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte has not wavered, nor has the support of thousands of people in this community who are looking to their elected officials to endorse this plan that will positively impact our region for generations to come."