UNCC Shooting

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On April 30, 2019, a shooting on the campus of the University of North Carolina Charlotte left two people dead and four injured. 

On the last day of classes a former UNCC student entered a classroom and began shooting. Ellis Parlier and Riley Howell were killed. Drew Pescaro, Sean DeHart, Rami Al-Ramadhan and Emily Houpt were injured. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have charged Trystan Terrell in the attack. 

UNCC memorial
Katie Howell / UNCC

UNC Charlotte will move forward with plans for a $1 million memorial honoring students killed by a gunman in a classroom shooting in April 2019, the school announced Thursday.

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The commission charged with finding the best way to memorialize two students killed and four more injured in an April 30, 2019, classroom shooting at UNC Charlotte has recommended a $1 million memorial and a repurposing of the room where the shooting took place.

Howell family via Matthew Westmoreland

Riley Howell was a lifelong Star Wars superfan. Now Howell, whom police called a hero for helping stop a gunman's rampage at UNC Charlotte, has been written into a galaxy far, far away as a Jedi master.

UNC Charlotte Shooting Survivor Wins Grant For NC Dog Rescue

Dec 22, 2019
Drew Pescaro / @DrewP617/Twitter

DURHAM (AP) — Lily was abandoned before Peak Lab Rescue got her.

Then, the small terrier-schnauzer-labrador-shih tzu mutt was adopted last year on Christmas Day by Drew Pescaro. He wanted a dog to help him with his anxiety. His parents told him to look around at other dogs before making a quick decision on Lily, but he already knew she was the one.


The first responders who rushed to UNC Charlotte on April 30 during a mass shooting were honored on the football field Saturday at a home game against the North Texas Mean Green.

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The fall semester at UNC Charlotte has officially begun. Today is the first full day of classes. And for the first time for many students, it’s a return to campus after last semester's deadly shooting. Processing the trauma of the violence that left two students dead and four others injured is different for everyone. For one library staff member, part of his process is helping others come back to campus.

There is no single definition of mass shooting. The F.B.I. doesn't define mass shooting but does define an active shooter as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated areas.

For this timeline, WFAE uses Gun Violence Archive's definition of incidents of four or more people, excluding the shooter, being wounded or killed by gunfire. 

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In anticipation of students returning to UNC Charlotte for the fall semester, school officials have implemented new safety measures. This follows the April 30 shooting where four students were injured and two were killed.

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In the wake of the deadly shooting on UNC Charlotte’s campus last month, people did what they so often do — create memorials for those lost to the violence. Candles, flowers, handwritten letters, and posters with the names of the victims packed the steps leading up to the Kennedy building, outside where the shooting occurred. 

Riley Howell

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has honored a college student who was killed when a gunman opened fire inside a classroom.

One of the students injured when a gunman opened fire inside a UNC Charlotte classroom last month took his first steps without a walker Monday.

Drew Pescaro, 19, tweeted a 21-second video of the milestone that shows him in a hospital gown, rolling an IV stand as he walks aided by a hospital worker.

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A celebratory atmosphere was weighted by grief at UNC Charlotte's commencement ceremonies this weekend. Students and faculty members paid tribute to the two students killed in a campus shooting on April 30, and to a graduating senior who was among the injured.

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Officials at UNC Charlotte are not yet sure what will be done with the building where a shooter opened fire last week. The Kennedy building is now locked down and only accessible by people in the information technology division by key swipe.

The man accused of fatally shooting two UNC Charlotte students and injuring four others last week has been indicted by a grand jury.

A memorial service is scheduled to mark the passing of the UNC Charlotte student credited with saving classmates by rushing a gunman firing inside their lecture hall.

About 150 people joined a March for Our Lives rally at UNCC Friday.
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Back in March, students at UNC Charlotte began organizing a chapter of the nationwide youth movement March for Our Lives. On Friday, they held their first rally against gun violence, prompted by something none of them expected - a deadly shooting on their own campus.

UNCC students and staff gathered in groups around campus after a shooter opened fire in a classrom, April 30, 2019.
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Students frantically call for help as a deadly shooting unfolds on a North Carolina campus in 911 recordings released Friday, with one saying the gunman was "still shooting" as she fled the classroom where he opened fire.

Reed Parlier, 19, of Midland, N.C.

The parents of a student slain during a shooting at a UNC Charlotte are remembering their son as reserved but witty in some of their first public comments.

The professor of the UNC Charlotte class in which a gunman opened fire, killing two and injuring four others, said in a blog post Thursday that the gunman had been a student in his class. Anthropology professor Adam Johnson said the gunman withdrew from the course early in the semester.

NC Courts

The man accused of fatally shooting two UNC Charlotte students and leaving four others injured was scheduled to have his first appearance in court today but that didn’t happen.