Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

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Sobering is how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox described the district’s student test scores and graduation rate for last year. 

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With the first day of school less than two weeks away, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials still need to hire more than 100 teachers and bus drivers. 

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Hopewell High School Principal John Dino Gisiano has been suspended with pay, and an interim principal will be named soon as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials conduct an inquiry involving Gisiano.

A Matthews town commissioner and a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools representative have proposed a compromise over the town's support for a charter school bill which would include the construction of a new school building within 10 years. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox joined Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg School officials don’t want a bill that would allow the towns of Matthews and Mint Hill to create their own charter schools to get approval.

The CMS board has been vocal about its concerns that the bill would lead to increased segregation in CMS. Speaking on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks today, Superintendent Clayton Wilcox called the bill bad public policy and an effort to kill public education.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says its relocating several bus stop locations around the county with a focus on making the locations more safe for students.

Students at W M Irvin Elementary, one of five Restart Schools in Concord, start the day off with series of exercises. Their teacher says it makes them more focused and ready to learn.
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School administrators often complain that they lack flexibility when it comes to improving their schools academically. In response, state education officials created the Restart program two years ago to help struggling schools. The program gives those schools a say in spending state funds, on calendar schedules and hiring flexibility—similar to charter schools. There are more than 100 Restart schools statewide.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board of education vice chair Rhonda Cheek says that the school’s equity report, which found students at high poverty schools and students of color were falling behind, offered more profound insights on absenteeism and gauging high-quality teachers than those two takeaways.

CMS Superintendent Clayton Wilcox tells legislators that the district needs more money to comply with reduced classroom size legislation.
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The superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is calling for increased security measures at schools across the district in the wake of a mass shooting yesterday in Florida that left 17 people dead.

Mecklenburg County commissioners Wednesday formally approved a Nov. 7 referendum on $922 million in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools bonds and set a public hearing for Sept. 5.