Charlotte Talks Politics: Charlotte Readies For Another Turn In National Political Spotlight

Jan 27, 2020

Monday, Jan. 27, 2020

The marquee event for Charlotte in this jam-packed election year will be this summer's Republican National Convention. A new WFAE podcast explores the convention and its implications for Charlotte and North Carolina politics.

Credit Jennifer Lang / WFAE

Compared to the run-up to the city's first national political convention - the 2012 Democratic National Convention - the upcoming RNC seems to be flying under the radar.

WFAE begins its coverage of the convention with the launch of the "Inside Politics" podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Worf, host of WFAE's Morning Edition, and Steve Harrison, WFAE's political reporter.

The first episode, which is now available for download, looks at how Charlotte came to be a two-time convention city.


Steve Harrison, WFAE politics reporter and co-host of the "Inside Politics" podcast (@Sharrison_WFAE)