Charlotte Talks Politics: That Escalated Quickly! Taking Stock Of A Whirlwind Week In Politics

Feb 7, 2020

Monday, Feb. 10, 2019

The opening days of the 2020 primary season were arguably some of the most jarring in recent memory. On Politics Monday, three politics watchers weigh in on the week that was, and what it means for the 2020 landscape.

Credit Clockwise, from top left: The White House, C-SPAN, Flickr - Phil Roeder

Amid questions about its first-in-the-nation status in presidential politics, Iowa did itself no favors with a snafu that clouded the results.

While the confusion was being sorted out there, President Trump's third State of the Union veered into uncharted territory with what appeared to be a presidential handshake snub, capped off by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of what she called "a manifesto of untruths."

The next day, the Senate, as expected, acquitted the president in his impeachment trial, and in his White House victory lap, the president dismissed the investigations into him as "bull***t" and vowed retaliation against his political enemies.

Take a deep breath, because it's only getting started.


Michael Bitzer, Catawba College, Department of Politics chair; writes the "Old North State Politics" blog (@BowTiePolitics)

Eric Heberlig, UNC Charlotte, professor of political science and public administration

Whitney Ross Manzo, Meredith College, assistant professor of political science, assistant director of the Meredith poll (@whitneymnz)