Charlotte Talks: There's A Lot At Stake For CMS In School Board Race. What You Need To Know To Vote

Oct 24, 2019

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

Everything you need to know about the CMS school board race. Who’s running, the issues, and what’s at stake with three local education reporters.

It’s local election time again. Early voting is underway and Election Day is Nov. 5. Voters will decide races for the mayor’s office, city council, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board. Turnout tends to be low in an off-year like this one, but the results of local elections have a big impact.

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Today's panel left to right: Annie Ma from The Charlotte Observer, WFAE's Ann Doss Helms, guest host Erik Spanberg, and Dedrick Russell from WBTV News.

The winners in the school board race will determine the direction of CMS over the coming years, deciding big issues like student assignment and school construction priorities.

There’s a crowded field – 13 people running for three seats on the board. Guest host Erik Spanberg goes in-depth on the candidates, the issues, and what’s at stake with three education reporters.

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Ann Doss Helms, education reporter for WFAE

Dedrick Russell, reporter for WBTV News

Annie Ma, education reporter for the Charlotte Observer

Correction: During this show, reporter Ann Doss Helms incorrectly stated that candidate Annette Albright was previously charged in an altercation involving students. Albright was never charged and the District Attorney’s office concluded her actions were reasonable and not unlawful.