SouthBound: Historian Joshua Burford On The Unseen LGBTQ History Of The South

Jan 10, 2018

So how do you document history if a lot of that history has been hidden from the outside world? That’s the challenge and the life’s work of Josh Burford, who has set out to tell the LGBTQ history of the South.

Josh has done a lot of his work in North Carolina, but he’s headed back to his home state of Alabama to work on a project called Invisible Histories, which he hopes to take throughout the South to archive the stories of LGBTQ pioneers. On this episode of SouthBound, Josh and I talk about the pull of history and the political act of coming out. Josh reads from a 100-year-old diary found at a thrift store. And we also talk a little bit of college football.

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  • Duet For Guitars #2 - M. Ward
  • Growing Up - Ben Sollee

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Producer: Nick de la Canal