Student Assignment

Lisa Worf

It was a long and often contentious night for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board members Wednesday as they voted to approve a student assignment plan that takes effect in 2018.  There was agreement on parts of the plan but also close votes along racial lines, including a failed motion to delay a decision on the plan for a couple of weeks.

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CMS now has a student assignment plan after a 6 1/2 hour meeting that was often contentious.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On Wednesday night, the CMS School Board will vote on the immensely complex student assignment plan. Prior to that vote, we hear from Superintendent Ann Clark about her proposal and school board members share their thoughts as well.

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Some controversial parts of the proposed student assignment plan for Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are being revised in preparation for a board vote on it Wednesday night.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board members are set to vote on the controversial student assignment plan on Wednesday. If approved, 7,100 students -- 5 percent of CMS’ enrollment -- would shift to new schools. Most are elementary students, such as those at three prek-8 schools in West Charlotte. The plan would break these schools up, but many parents find the proposed changes unsettling.

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Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Ann Clark isn't proposing any big changes to her student assignment proposal. The board met Tuesday night to go over potential revisions to the plan, after three weeks of community feedback.

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Tuesday night, the CMS school board meets to review the proposed student assignment plan and alternative proposals. The changes planned for William Amos Hough and Hopewell high schools are surely expected to come up.

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Next Tuesday the CMS board will hold a hearing on the student assignment plan Superintendent Ann Clark unveiled last week. The board has scheduled a vote on it later this month. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll break down how people are digesting the plan. There’s a range of feelings. In some cases, relief, excitement. In others, anger and concern. There are a lot of questions all around about the challenges ahead. 

The student assignment proposal is drawing lots of comments from CMS parents. Many of them from the city's south side. Eric Davis, who represents that area, says that's because, under the plan, his district would do the heavy-lifting. Pairing two sets of elementary schools in his district has generated the most comments. He said on WFAE's Charlotte Talks Thursday people are worried about their property values falling and sending their children to schools that now struggle.    

Complicated and conservative is how some are describing the student assignment plan CMS officials unveiled at Tuesday night’s school board meeting. Superintendent Ann Clark took questions about the proposed plan Wednesday during a Facebook Live discussion.