Friday, September 21st 2018

On the next Local News Roundup-  A look at the recovery operations underway in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.  The long-time Dollar Tree headquarters is set to close.  900 jobs lost. The 2nd anniversary of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the protests that followed. And Wells Fargo plans to slash thousands of jobs. 

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers and their new owner David Tepper are donating close to $1.5 million to aid Hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts.

David Boraks / WFAE

Thursday marks the second anniversary of protests that exploded around Charlotte for days, following the fatal police shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. Police say Scott was smoking marijuana in an apartment parking lot and had a gun. His family, including his wife who witnessed his shooting, contends he was waiting for his son and not a threat to police. They are suing the city and the officer, Brentley Vinson.

Alex Olgin / WFAE News

The Red Cross is asking for people to donate blood after the organization had to cancel hundreds of blood drives in the southeast because of Hurricane Florence. The organization needs constant donations to keep its supply of blood strong.  

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster gives an update on flooding from Florence Sept. 18.

South Carolina’s estimated financial losses from Florence are at more than $1.2 billion, according to Gov. Henry McMaster.

Wells Fargo said Thursday it will cut 5 to 10 percent of its workforce over the next three years.
Zuri Berry / WFAE

Wells Fargo said Thursday that it plans to cut its workforce by 5 to 10 percent over the next three years.

Floodwaters Inundate Lake At NC Power Plant, Raising Alarm

Sep 20, 2018

Duke Energy activated a high-level emergency alert at a retired coal-fired power plant in North Carolina as floodwaters from the nearby Cape Fear River overtopped an earthen dike at the facility and inundated a large lake, raising concerns of a potential breach.

A 17-year old student at Forestview High School in Gastonia was charged with making a false report of mass violence after they say he threatened to shoot some teachers and students there.

Nick de la Canal / WFAE

Police have made an arrest after a man fired multiple shots at a group of people in north Charlotte, striking one 12-year-old boy in the leg, and narrowly missing a sheriff's deputy who was responding to the scene.

Charlotte Talks: College Admissions Season

Sep 20, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The college admissions process has become ever-more tricky and as high schoolers and parents try to navigate this important process, we’ve enlisted some help.  On the next Charlotte Talks, two college admissions experts alert us to the pitfalls and give us a look at best practices for applying to college.