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Launched in April 1998, Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins has become the region's exclusive forum for the discussion of politics, growth, the arts, culture, social issues, literature, human interest, the environment and more. If something is of interest to the Charlotte region, listeners and leaders know the topic is bound to be discussed on Charlotte Talks. Learn more about Charlotte Talks.

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On Friday, April 20, we celebrated 20 years on the air. Take a look back at some of our memorable moments, see Mike Collins age, and get a sense of the stars who have appeared on the show on our anniversary page

Si Kahn

Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019

Charlotte singer-songwriter Si Kahn's musical "Mother Jones In Heaven" profiles a woman once described as "the most dangerous in America" - Mary Harris Jones. Kahn and the actress bringing Jones to life on the stage join Mike Collins.

Cole del Charco / WFAE

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The city of Charlotte has been planning on a 26-mile trail for the last six years, but last week the city announced that the current amount of funding is $77 million short of finishing the project. How did the city miscalculate by so much? Where does the project stand now? And, why does it matter?

stock exchange board

Wednesday, January 16, 2018

Market experts analyze a market on edge because of intense volatility.  What does all this mean?  Where are investments and your 401k headed?  What should you be doing?

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019

From our archives, Carol Channing's May 2006 conversation with Mike Collins at Spirit Square's Duke Energy Theater.

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2018

You might not know it, but our region as long-standing ties to Ireland. This hour, the Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, Dan Mulhall, discusses those ties, as well as the Republic of Ireland's wariness as Brexit looms.

Monday, Jan. 14, 2019

You know his writing, and have gotten to know his voice. Now, Tommy Tomlinson shares a new side of himself as he writes about a lifelong struggle with weight.

Friday, January 11th, 2019

The CIAA Tournament dumps Charlotte.  The 9th Congressional District saga continues with Republican Mark Harris running from reporters.  E-scooters are coming closer to being regulated on Charlotte’s streets and the city is looking for $77 million to finish the Cross Charlotte Trail.  Mike Collins and a roundtable of reporters details those and other stories on the Charlotte Talks Local News Roundup.

Charlotte Talks: Mike And The Mayor Pro Tem

Jan 10, 2019

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt is in for Vi Lyles on this month's Mike and the Mayor . They talk about impending regulations for e-scooters and what they might entail.  City Council has announced that it is short by $77 million for the funding necessary to complete the Cross-Charlotte Trail.  We’ll be short even more money after 2020 when the CIAA tournament moves to Baltimore. Those stories and more in this month's conversation.

Charlotte Talks: Science Behind Workplace Meetings

Jan 9, 2019

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019

On the next Charlotte Talks, Mike delves into the science of meetings with two guests who have studied meetings extensively.  They’re a part of life so we get some tips on making them better. 

Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019

The increasingly frenetic pace of the news and what some view as a torrent of bad news is causing people to burn out. Mike Collins and guests discuss how much can Americans take in coming year and what to do about “news fatigue.”

Things move so fast today, that it’s difficult to process what just happened before something else takes center stage. If you ask enough people what they think about the news, you’ll find some who are trying, perhaps for the first time, to tune it all out. 

Nick de la Canal / WFAE

Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

Mecklenburg County's new sheriff, Garry McFadden, quickly went to work ending cooperation with federal immigration screening. He joins Mike Collins to discuss his plans for this next chapter in McFadden's long law enforcement career.

Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

On the first Local News Roundup of 2019: The new Congress comes into session with no one representing North Carolina’s 9th District. We'll bring the latest on the uncertified election. Former Governor Pat McCrory says he wouldn't enter the race, but wouldn't rule out another run for Governor. Also, Mayor Lyles says wants to do more in 2019 on affordable housing. 

Charlotte Talks: How To Manage Our Money

Jan 3, 2019

Thursday, Jan. 3, 2018

Why do we have a tough time saving  money? More than a third of Americans say their savings are non-existent. Mike Collins talks with experts about the obstacles standing in the way of savings, and ways to start socking away for a rainy day.

WFAE/Jennifer Worsham

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019

Travel 100,000 miles around the country and you’ll find that rural America isn’t necessarily in decline. James and Deborah Fallows took that trip and share what they found.

Flickr/Grand Canyon NPS

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Most of us don't get enough exercise. But new federal guidelines have good news for all of us – even short bursts of activity can make a difference. Just in time for your New Year's resolutions, guest host Alex Olgin examines that.

This show originally aired November 21, 2018.